Three years of R&D under the leadership of a physicist (PhD), a worldwide expert of ultrasound systems, who succeeded to improve NASA’s clean technologies, for space applications, and apply it to generate the ultimate cleaning and sterilization tool ,which has been proven to be highly effective in  bacteria removal from soft and hard tissues, without causing any harm to the treating area.

SONIDENTAL Treats and prevents periodontal diseases by providing an intense and efficient bacterial cleaning and disinfection inside the smallest gaps and cavities


Unprecedented “Nano-Beam” effectiveness - fully disinfecting the inflamed area


Can not be imitated by any existing technology on the market




aged 30 years and above suffer from oral diseases

of adults who are 65 years and above suffer from oral diseases

people for peri-implantitis will need a medical treatment

Americans have dental implants every year




"As an expert in prosthodontics at the rank of professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University, publishing and lecturing extensively worldwide in the fields of dental implant therapy, I believe in the potential of Sonidental,s technology and that the products should be a must-have in every dental clinic.
Having Sonidental technology in my clinic would provide me with the ability to perform cleaning and sterilizing procedures in specific areas and I would be able to utilize this technology in any procedure that I may perform, including the treatment of specific disea*s such peri-implantitis and periodontitis."

Professor Nitzan Bichacho D.M.D. 

Expert Professor of Prosthodontics. Oral Rehab. Dep. Faculty of Dental Medicine. Hebrew University & Hadassah, Jerusalem. Prosthodontics Dep. TAU School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv. Israel

"This is to certify that Prof. Yael Houri-Haddad and Prof. Nurit Beyth from the
Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hadassah Medical Organization, fully support
Sonidental Ltd. 
Sonidental Ltd proposed research is of importance and relevance to current and
future dental care."


Prof. Houri-Haddad is a full member and the Head of the Department ofProsthodontics at the Hebrew University-Hadassah medical Center. Her PhDdegree and expertise is in microbiology immunology and animal models usingmicroCT for tooth and bone analysis. Prof. Houri-Haddad is an Associate Professorand has her own research group at the Biotechnology and Dental Materialslaboratory of the department.

"We are very much interested in the proposed research and will provide all the
institutional support, adequate laboratory space and all necessary equipment."

Prof. Nurit Beyth is a full member of the Department of Prosthodontics at theHebrew University-Hadassah medical Center. She earned her PhD degree andexpertise in biomaterials and antimicrobials. Prof. Beyth’s specialty inprosthodontics and expertise in biomaterials and antimicrobials provide her with theintellectual tools to conduct the work proposed in this grant. Prof. Beyth is anAssociate Professor and has her own research group at the Biotechnology andDental Materials laboratory of the department



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